Sunday, December 25, 2011

You're An Angel!

On this Christmas day, I thought I'd take a look at all the angels, who have flown onto the big screen. Of course I'm sure YOU'RE the biggest angel of all, but here are some others to join your posse. If your favorite is missing, be sure to add it. Thanks! And remember, "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings". Wait, did I just hear a bell??? Nice!

It's A Wonderful Life
Heaven Can Wait
The Preacher's Wife
City of Angels
Angels in the Outfield
We're No Angels
Just Like Heaven
Prairie Home Companion
Charlie's Angels
Angels and Demons
The Da Vinci Code
All That Jazz
Wings of Desire
The Prophecy
Unlikely Angel
One Magic Christmas
Hawaii, Oslo
Faraway, So Close
Miracle Dogs

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