Thursday, December 11, 2014

Top 5 Holiday Decorated Businesses in Laguna Beach

Want to get in the holiday spirit? You don't have to go to the snow for that! You can do it right here in Laguna Beach. Here's my list of the top 5 holiday decorated businesses in Laguna (excluding hotels).

5. Laguna Cyclery – 240 Thalia Street. Bicycle shop – sales, service, rentals. Near Glenneyre. Really cool icicle lights, colored lights, Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays painted on windows, really colorful. The regular look of the building has a lot to do with it too, because it looks like a building you’d see in Vermont or somewhere, so the holiday look really brings you to a colder climate.

4. Madison Square & Garden CafĂ© – 320 N. Coast Hwy. Based on what you see right now, this would have scored much higher, BUT they have a ton of stuff decorating the front of the restaurant all year round. They did add toy soldiers, trees, lit up wreaths, etc. Definitely worth a look.

3. Anything Canine Concierge Boutique – 357 S. Coast Hwy. Near Main Beach. Wins the cute factor contest! The whole window is full of adorable dogs – stuffed animals, Dalmatian wearing a Santa hat, an umbrella covering a bunch of dogs. A tree decorated completely with dog toys. Other window – Hanukkah display. They get extra points for that! A big menorah, more dogs, Jewish stars, lights. And then you have Frosty the Snowman blown up holding a big candy cane that says North Pole on it. You may miss it driving by, so park the car or take a stroll and check it out.

2. The English Garden – 1199 S. Coast Hwy. Specialize in exquisite floral designs. Just beautiful. Classy. Snow-covered trees, deer, snowflakes, trees in background covered in all red lights, tiny little houses glistening with glitter, silver bows. So peaceful and tastefully done.

1. The Black Iris – 2950 S. Coast Hwy. Florist and fine gifts. NO CONTEST! Winner hands down. Takes over a good portion of the block. A few windows have snow-covered trees, but the front is truly magical! It’s like being in Santa’s Workshop. We see Mr. and Mrs. Claus, a moving ferris wheel, tons of trees and lights everywhere. It’s an entire village. In another window, another Santa – looks real. Huge, beautiful ornaments. So intricate. Simply gorgeous. So impressive! It’s better than any department store display I’ve ever seen.

I suggest checking these businesses out at night, because the lights really add a lot to the displays. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

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